What are Family Feastings?

Held every 8 weeks, Family Feastings provide a unique experience encouraging interaction and hands-on participation for both parents/carers and their children. Everyone will learn about traditions and cultural symbols through storytelling, art and especially food.

We believe an important part of developing connections and community building is having access to a platform where both the individual and group can tell their stories, share their cultural gems, and celebrate their uniqueness.

Food, Culture,
& Stories

Family Feastings Aim to:

  • Celebrate the diverse communities and faiths in our community
  • Highlight the cultural and artistic richness of these cultures
  • Provide an opportunity for families in the community to learn more about these cultures and to create an accessible platform for that interaction to take place
  • Demonstrate that culture is not exclusive, and that different practices and experiences can be shared.
  • Challenge negative cultural stereotypes, biases and misconceptions

The feastings not only provide cross-cultural experiences but also educate families about cultures of emerging and Indigenous communities. Every year as part of NAIDOC week, we run a Bush Tucker Family Feasting, highlighting and celebrating the cultural richness of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities and cultures.

Due to current funding, all Family Feasting events are held in Canterbury - Bankstown. Given that it is an effective model for cross-cultural education, enrichment and an informal way for families to form closer connections to other families of diverse cultural groups, we will be looking to work in other areas so that other families can also enjoy the fun, festivities and feastings!

Bankstown CfC Facilitating partner is funded by the Australian Government and facilitated by The Smith Family.