At Community Minds, we believe that no genuine community development can happen without the inclusion of children and young people. We also strongly believe that young people are not the leaders of tomorrow but the change agents of today, and that their actions today can change their lives and communities.

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Community Minds has designed a program, Community Minded Leaders, that aims to encourage young people to lead change with others in making their community a better place. The program aims to inspire, identify and recognise young people 15-18 years old, as Community Minded Leaders. It’s a sponsorship program that then links young people to local community organisations, to be supported, mentored and inspired to pursue change in their communities.

Post engagement is important to keep the momentum of being an active change agent, creating positive change in communities.

This program is designed to educate and engage children in community centred thinking and living. Inspiring young minds to become more community minded in all areas of their life to ultimately create resilient, resourced and well-connected communities.