Our Vision

"To invigorate and inspire community mindedness for better connected, inclusive and resourceful communities across the world"

Change first happens in our minds before we see any change in our external environment. How we view community and our role in it determines the actions we take in our neighbourhoods and communities and guides our interactions with people we share our lives and space with.

Our Mission

"To educate and enrich (head), build and connect (hands), inspire and nurture, (heart) progressive, inclusive and cohesive communities."

Did you know?

Our logo represents the power of people and communities, more specifically, their assets of the head, heart and hands which are so valuable in shaping the communities we want.

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It also represents the power of the mind and perceptions, which are the lens in which we see ourselves, our place in communities and how we perceive the communities we live in. It also recognises that we all have gifts that if given away create more abundant and vibrant communities, enriched further if exchanges occur more frequently and purposefully in our communities.

Community Minds is twofold in its meaning: it’s in reference to both our community mindedness and perceptions and the fact that communities will “mind” what they care about, particularly if they are involved.

Our Values


At Community Minds we are continuously striving to put inclusive values into action. We value and encourage participation and engagement of children and young people, senior members of our community, diverse cultural and faith-based groups, diverse geographical communities, community organisations and private enterprises.


Our philosophy and practices aim to inspire people to become more community minded. Our purpose is to inspire others to get involved in building and supporting their communities


We honour our commitments and constantly strive for veracity in the work we produce and relationships we form. People, community groups and organisations rely on and trust us because we deliver on what we promise.


We strive to offer innovative programs and solutions to advance, develop and engage communities. We are constantly looking at new ways to build stronger communities and consult with creative minds that challenge the status quo

Zizi Charida
Founder & Director

Zizi Charida, a local of Canterbury-Bankstown for more than four decades, has always had a passion for social justice, people power and an advocate for community solidarity.

Working for community services and charities for over 18 years Zizi made the bold decision to create an organisation that wasn’t just about churning out more services, but rather set out to inspire and reinvigorate community minded thinking and actions. This move saw the birth of Community Minds, initially as a consultancy in 2014, it then was incorporated in 2015 with the vision of broadening the scope and influence of what Community Minds set out to achieve.

The growth of Community Minds was accelerated with the introduction and rollout of CM programs in 2018, namely Community Minded Kids, making its mark as our flagship program.

Zizi has extensive experience in the education, community and corporate sectors. Zizi’s work has been mainly focused on initiating projects that promote Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and provide training and support to groups and organisations in delivering ABCD on the ground. Zizi loves working with organisations and groups in creating desired change and building on their strengths and successes, guided by Appreciative Inquiry principles and methodology.

Zizi is also a community innovator and dedicates a lot of her time in designing innovative, out of the box solutions and programs to address community challenges and create accessible platforms for participation and inclusion for people and communities that are often isolated, marginalized or excluded.